Alpharetta is like any other real estate market in some respects, but it’s also very true that “real estate is local.” And local is what we are all about. Whether you live in the area and are just checking out the market, considering a local relocation, or you’re moving in from another area, state or country, I’m the Alpharetta real estate expert.


Alpharetta Life 

We don’t just live to work, or at least few of us do. Though we may have to choose an area in which to live due to our job, we still want to select an area where we can find activities and culture that supports our lifestyle and leisure activities. This is the website for checking out Alpharetta life and how you’ll fit in and enjoy living here.


Alpharetta Photo Tour 
If a picture is worth a thousand words, then many photos of an area in which you’re considering living must be of great value. I’ve spent a lot of time and effort in taking and collecting Alpharetta area photos that present a very detailed and informative picture of the Alpharetta area and what it’s like to live here.


Alpharetta Schools 
Residents or prospective residents of Alpharetta who have children will likely place the schools and quality of education as one of the top items on their Alpharetta real estate selection list. I know this and consider it quite important to offer comprehensive Alpharetta schools information on this site.


Alpharetta Demographics 
If you’re going to be living in the Alpharetta area, who will be your neighbors? What will be their interests, income levels, and education level? Whether you’re happy in an area with diverse demographics or you’re searching for a neighborhood with people just like you, this website will give you the resources to accurately understand Alpharetta demographics.


Alpharetta Shopping and Dining 
We’re not only about work. Our lifestyles revolve around hobbies, activities, culture and definitely dining out and shopping. There’s so much to do and so many places to eat and so little time. You won’t be disappointed!


Alpharetta Livability 
We can talk about fun things, cultural activities, schools, museums, and demographics, but when it all comes down to making a real estate decision, the overall livability of an area is going to be very individually determined.  We’ll each have our own criteria and rate the factors our own way.  I’ll help you with loads of Alpharetta livability information.


Alpharetta Cost of Living 
One of the most important factors in making lifestyle and living location decisions is the cost to live there. Cost of living for any area is not just housing costs, but also food, necessities, fuel, transportation, entertainment and more. I provide extensive Alpharetta cost of living information so that my site visitors can make informed decisions.